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SGAS2 Alco Strip

SGAS2 Alco Strip

Product Information

SGAS2 Alco Strip

Underage drinking has been well documented as a growing problem throughout the UK and causes an unnecessary burden on the NHS. With the launch of successful schemes such as Bottlewatch kids are now starting to carry around coke bottles with vodka and other sprites mixed in them.

Alcohol testing strips are now becoming more and more popular with local councils and police forces whilst running their Bottlewatch schemes. They have helped dramatically reduce underage drinking as they can now test kids drinks for alcohol reducing anti social behaviour associated with drunken behaviour.

The test is quick and simple. Simply dip the end of the litmus type paper into a small amount of the drink and watch it change colour if alcohol is present allowing police to confiscate and dispose of the drink.

Alco Strips are designed to be used to swab the inside of the mouth. If using directly in the soft drink it is advised to use in conjunction with SURE Dilution Fluid, Part No. SGDILUTION

Key Features:

Quick and Easy
Portable and Lightweight
Cost Effective

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