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DVRVIOM4BL-500 Mini 4 Channel DVR 100fps 500 HDD

DVRVIOM4BL-500 Mini 4 Channel DVR 100fps 500 HDD

Product Information

DVRVIOM4BL-500 Mini 4 Channel DVR 100fps 500 HDD

The DVRVIOM4BL-500 is a compact and discreet 4 channel H.264 DVR with sixfold operation to include record, live view, playback, backup, control, & remote access.

The H.264 compression format is network friendly, lowering the demand for bandwidth over a local area network or remote connection.

A user-friendly GUI gives easy access to all of the Viola H.264 DVR functions. Every Viola H.264 is easy to install, program and operate. The Viola DVR series delivers simple and reliable performance.

The Viola H.264 makes ultra-fast change between recording rates which minimizes the loss of frames during transition.

The Viola H.264 DVR can playback all channels simultaneously. This allows a user to review footage using all cameras to see an event from every angle.

The Viola H.264 DVR can be connected to remotely via web browser on a PC or Smartphone, client programme or central monitoring software.

Footage can be archived by USB stick or external HDD/DVD or by remote connection to local PC HDD.

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