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DVRD400R Ruggedised Single Channel Video Recorder

DVRD400R Ruggedised Single Channel Video Recorder

Product Information

DVRD400R Ruggedised Single Channel Video Recorder

The MiniD-400R is over a hundred times smaller than the average CCTV DVR and uses a standard SD card to record both video and audio. The user can then play back the footage via the DVR or on any PC running Windows.

Miniature size and lightweight construction makes the DVR ideal for covert recording and is extremely versatile. Once the output is connected to a monitor, the simple menu can be navigated using the IR remote control.

A combination of highly efficient H.264 compression and miniature components reduces power consumption and space requirements. Low 12V DC power consumption means that the unit can even be powered by standard batteries, further maximising its flexibility.

The unit has just three connectors and doesn't require any special tools or equipment to install. An IR remote control allows the unit to be configured and controlled from a distance with onscreen text provided on a connected monitor. Once the power has been provided, it will automatically start to record. Motion detection and alarm inputs optimise and extend recording capability.

The MiniD-400R is able to start recording as soon as motion is detected in front of the camera, or from an external alarm input, massively increasing the duration of recording. The ability to pre-alarm with adjustable time is especially important when in event recording mode, pre-alarm records video prior to the alarm, allowing operators to see what triggered the alarm.

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