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Morticed Security Door Bolt & Key

Morticed Security Door Bolt & Key

Product Information

Morticed Security Door Bolt & Key


  • Effective addition to door security
  • Operated by key from inside house
  • While the door is closed, the bolt will be concealed from anyone outside the house
  • Mortice lock complexity helps prevent easy lock picking

    Morticed Security Door Bolt and key Description

    Fitting a Morticed Security Bolt to your doors can secure against attempted forced entry for all internal and external doors. The Bolt is operated by the key lifting levers inside the lock to varying heights which allows the bolt to be thrown out. The idea of the lock is the more levers a lock has, the harder it is to pick. The minimum number of levers you should consider in a lock is five.

    In addition to security benefits that the complexity of the Morticed Security Bolt gives, the concealed nature of this product means that an intruder will be unaware of it's presence from the outside of the house and will therefore be prevented from easily identifying the whereabouts of the resisting force of the door. The separate splined key is operated from one side only to add further concealment from the outside of the door.

    Morticed Security Bolts are usually fitted approximately 150mm (6") from the top and bottom of the door into the wood. They should always be fitted at 90º to wood grain to reduce the likelihood of the wood splitting if subjected to pressure.

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    Price: 8.23

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