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Sash Window Lock

Sash Window Lock

Product Information

Sash Window Lock


  • Attractive design with Safe Bolt Operation.
  • Designed to fit wooden sash window with it's special bolt retention and secure one-way screws.
  • Will resist attempts at forced entry.
  • Silver finish
  • Appx Dimensions: PLATE:50 x 17mm  BOLT:30mm and 6mm dia

    Sash Window Lock Description

    The Sash Window Lock is one of the most unobtrusive and cheapest ways of securing your wooden sash windows. The device works by immobilising the window it has been installed on. A bolt is secured to the outer sash which passes over the top of the inner sash thus locking both in place.

    To allow ventilation but not access, place the bolt slightly higher than the closed level of the window. This way, the window will be able to be opened fractionally but not enough to allow a person to gain entry. This tactic can also act as a safety precaution for small children.

    To make this security precaution completely effective, the keys for the sash window lock must be placed out of reach of the window to deter burglars and also to prevent children from opening the window wider than it should be.

    The Sash Window Lock will fit all wooden sash windows and is constructed of steel making it very robust.

    Price: £5.30


    Price: 5.30

    Product Code: CP40
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