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Keyless Door Lock

Keyless Door Lock

Product Information

Keyless Door Lock


  • As featured in the Sunday Times
  • Ideal for backpackers staying in hostels
  • Secure doors with damaged locks
  • For added security on Hotel doors, where others have access
  • For students in multi-occupancy homes
  • Fits and Releases in Seconds
  • Fully Portable, packs up no bigger than your sunglasses case

    Keyless Door Lock Description

    This item was featured in the Sunday Times Supplement on the 2nd August 2009 as follows:

    "For the truly nervous homeowner, few gadgets have the uncomplicated appeal of the Keyless Door Lock (£12.68, from two bits of metal that slot into almost any door and make it impossible to open. I have used these in a hotel, and they work. I’m happy to report that I wasn’t bludgeoned in my sleep or anything."  

    This unique door lock enables you to lock most doors from the inside (E.g. Hostels or Hotel rooms)

    The Keyless Door Lock provides an additional lock on any door that someone may be worried is accessible to others, or on a door that has no lock at all.

    Worried about your hotel room being accessible by staff or previous guests? Is that caravan door lock a bit weak? Damaged lock on a door? Then fit this very simple device that prevents unauthorised entry through most inward opening doors. Fits and releases in seconds. Perfect for multiple occupancy dwellings, students, travellers etc.

    Has been used by victims of domestic violence to secure a room without a lock and provide vital seconds to make a call for help or to exit the room through a window or another external door.

    No batteries, No fixings, No wiring. Simple, Easy, Fast and when you go, take it with you!

    Price: £10.49


    Price: 10.49

    Product Code: CP39
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