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Emergency Life Hammer

Emergency Life Hammer

Product Information

  Emergency Life Hammer


  • Hardened Carbon Steel striking point
  • Tough ABS contoured plastic handle
  • Complete with mounting  bracket and adhesive pad & carpet fixing forks
  • For use on Laminated or Toughened glass in the event of an emergency
  • Can be used on Double Glazing

    Emergency Life Hammer Description

    The Life Hammer is a must for everybody whether for use in the car - home or simply travelling on a bus or train. In the event of an emergency, getting out of your car or from a bus or train may depend upon several things, two of which involve being able to extricate yourself from a seat belt and get out through a windscreen or train/bus window.

    Many accidents result in a person being trapped in their seatbelt and the 'cutter' built in to this Life Hammer will make short work of cutting straight through the webbing to release you or a passenger. The next problem may be to get out of an overturned car, bus or train etc. and this is much harder to achieve than you might think.  Windscreens of cars and windows on public transport are usually made from toughened or laminated glass which is purposly designed to be difficult to break.

    If you are in such a situation, the surest way of getting out quickly is to simply hit the window or windscreen with the hardened carbon steel striking point which will cause the glass to shatter immediately, you can then break out the remaining glass with your arms and legs and make your escape.

    The same applies to double glazed glass in the home or office so these are a must for home and work too!

    This Life Hammer comes complete with a securing bracket so as to hold it in a handy place ready for emergency use at any time.

    Price: £7.99


    Price: 7.99

    Product Code: CP38
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