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ID Mark 25 Standard Compound Stencil Kit

ID Mark 25 Standard Compound Stencil Kit

Product Information

ID Mark 25 Standard Compound Stencil Kit


  • Easy steps - Simple and effective.
  • Quick and simple to apply, your equipment is marked within a few minutes (Step by step instructions included).
  • Can be used on all types of equipment, e.g. computers etc. however please ensure that the surface is porous and has not been 'sealed'
  • Warning Labels included.
  • 7mm high text - max. 16 characters per line
  • Compound can be red, blue or white.
  • A member of the Crime Prevention Product Team will call you to obtain details of lettering and colour required

    ID Mark 25 Standard Compound Stencil Kit Description

    The ID MARK Property Marking stencil kit is an effective method of marking valuables that can be applied to most plastics and other porous surfaces. The property marking works through the use of precision cut stencils produced on high-tech machines enabling large orders to be produced with ease.

    The ID MARK system meets guidelines set for permanent marking by the Home Office and with it's quick and simple application process you can permanently mark your property within a few minutes.

    The text of the mark itself is 7mm in height and a maximum of 16 characters can be placed on each line of the stencil. The ink compounds supplied for the actual marking come in red, blue or white colours.

    This particular product comes with 25 stencils

    Applications for ID MARK Property Marking stencil kits include:

    Fax machines

    Price: £36.52



    Price: 36.52

    Product Code: CP36
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