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Cased Property Marking Kit

Cased Property Marking Kit

Product Information

Cased Property Marking Kit


  • Cased Property Marking Kit - designed for larger groups/business users. Comes with heavy duty engraver, including all products from the Wallet and Zipper Bag, plus much, much more.
  • Police recommend that you post code your property. Everything you need to mark your possessions with are in these stylish kits (See also Wallet and Zipper Bag Property Marking Kits).
  • Insurance companies may give you a discount on your policy.

    Cased Property Marking Kit Description

    The Cased Property Marking Kit offers a robustly designed toolbox to keep your property marking tools in. This pack is perfect for a large group or business that needs to mark their property.

    The kit includes an electric engraver, a uv lamp, several pens and scribers and a number of security labels and Stencils.

    You will be able to permanently mark pretty much any item with these tools and so help the police in identifying your property and return them to you as quickly as possible in the event of theft.

    Police recommendations are that you mark your property with your postcode to aid identification and some Insurance companies have been known to offer discounts to customers who use property marking tools on their insured goods.

    Price: £102.12



    Price: 102.12

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