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Wallet Property Marking Kit

Wallet Property Marking Kit

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Wallet Property Marking Kit

 Property marking by using invisible UV marker pens is a good way of increasing the chance of getting stolen property returned to you in the event of recovery after theft.

By marking the property with the UV pens, if recovered, police can easily identify the property as the uv sensitive, while not showing up in normal light, will be become visible when illuminated with a uv lamp.

The Wallet Property Marking Kit is ideal for home and personal use. The pack includes a permanent black marker, a UV Security marker pen, a Tungsten/diamond tip scriber, a china/glass scriber, an alphabet/numeric stencil, a record card and a selection of warning labels. All in compact bright yellow wallet.

Police recommendations are that you mark items with your post code for quick identification. In addition to the obvious recovery assistance benefits, use of UV property marking kits may encourage insurance companies to give you a discount on your policy.

Price: £17.40




Price: 17.40

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