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WG GSM Wireless Deluxe Alarm System

WG GSM Wireless Deluxe Alarm System

Product Information

WG GSM Wireless Deluxe Alarm System

This is Delux WG GSM Wireless Alarm System is supplied with a Wireless Siren & Strobe and that has an impressive 99 Wireless Channels & 7 hard wired channels and when activated can send 3 text messages 6 telephone calls with your own pre-recorded message.

The system is very easy to program using the built in keypad and is operated using a selection of methods including using the keypad, remote controls, text message or automatic timing.

A wide choice of additional accessories are available for this 99 channel GSM Alarm System, all 99 channels can be individually programmed to suit all types of applications including the following options:
1) Instant Alarm.
2) 40 Second Delay.
3) 24 Hour.
4) Bypass.
5) Home Alarm.
6) Away Alarm.

You will need to fit a SIM Card (either contract or pay as you go) with a good network signal at the location of the alarm installation.

The Wireless Siren is powered by the supplied transformer and is triggered by a wireless signal from the alarm control panel.

The alarm will also send you a text if the power supply is cut or fails and again when it is reinstated.

The 7 x Wired Inputs can be used as both N/O & N/C allowing you to mix and match the type of detectors or triggers with each system.

There are also 2 x 12v DC Outputs when triggered.

Kit Includes:
1 x GSM Dialer.
1 x Power Adapter.
1 x Wired Siren.
1 x PIR.
1 x Magnetic Door Contact.
1 x Manual.
2 x Remote Control.
1 x Backup Battery.
1 x Wireless Siren & Transformer.

Size of Panel: 180 (w) x 135 (h) x 26 (d) mm.
Power Supply: 12v DC.
Wireless Channels: 99.
Wired Inputs: 7
Input Type: Volt Free N/O & N/C.
Outputs: 12v DC (3 minutes when activated, can be switch off).
Number of Text Messages it can send: 3
Number of Telephone Numbers it can call: 6.
Personal Message Recording: Yes (10 seconds).
Power Failure Alert: Yes.
Remote Location Function: Yes (Arm, Disarm & Monitor).
Zone Type Options: Yes (Instant-Delay-24 hour-Bypass-Home-Away).
Backup Battery: Yes (NI-HI AAA x 6 7.2v).
Standby Current: 55 m/A.
Alarming Current: 450 m/A.

Accessories Available For This System:
Wireless PIR's (up to 99).
Wireless Door & Window Contacts (up to 99).
Wireless Remote Controls (up to six).
Wireless Panic Buttons (up to 99).
Wireless Pet Tollerant PIR's (up to 99).
Wireless Curtain PIR's (up to 99).
Wireless Keypad).
Wireless Siren.
*Please Note: A maximum of 99 wireless mixed sensors can be used with each system*

Siren Specification:
1 x Siren & Strobe.
1 x Built in back up battery.
1 x 12v 1amp Transformer.
1 x Transmitter (built into the control panel).
1 x Built in Tamper Switch.

Size: 195 (H) x 110 (W) x 70 (D) mm.
Power Supply: 12v 1amp Transformer (supplied).
Back Up Battery: Yes (built in, 6v 600Ma).
Siren: Yes (110 Db).
Strobe: Yes (when activated).
Tamper Switch: Yes (rear mounted).
Wireless Range between the Siren & Control Panel: 300 metres (line of sight).

Procedure for Receiving Telephone Call:
Press 1: Stops Alarm, Stops Calling Out & Left in Arm Mode.
Press 2: Stops Alarm, Stops Calling Out & Left in DisArm Mode.
Press 3: Siren Off & Monitor Location for 30 Seconds (press 3 for further monitoring).
Press 4: 30 Second two-way intercom.
Press *: Status.

How to Remotely Operate:
1) Call Telephone Number of the Inserted SIM Card.
2) Enter the 4-Digit User Code of the Alarm Panel.
3) Press 1 = Arm.
4) Press 2 = Disarm.
5) Press 3 = Monitor.
6) Press 4 = 2 way Communication.

Methods of Arming & Disarming:
1) Remote Control.
2) Built in Keypad.
3) Sending the alarm a Text Message.
4) Setting the automatic timer.
*Please Note: the user code is different to the program code*

Programmimg Method:
1) In disarm state enter the default 4-digit program code & #.
2) Use the keypad to follow instructions for each action.
3) Leave program mode by pressing * & #.
*Please Note: the program code is different to the user code*

The power supply is a 12v DC transformer that plugs into a standard 3 pin wall socket, but you could connect the system directly into a 12v DC supply.

Find this model advertised for the UK at any reputable internet dealer for less... and we will beat that price!

Price: 231.32

Product Code: US322
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