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Fog Off Deluxe Smoke Security System

Fog Off Deluxe Smoke Security System

Product Information

Fog Off Deluxe Smoke Security System


This Deluxe model of our unique 'FOGG OFF' Security System comes supplied with a GSM Auto-Dialer & Loud 118 Db External Siren together with all the other advantages of our standard FOGG OFF system.

The system is still designed for self fit and when activated will not only fill the building with impenetrable thick smoke in seconds, but will also trigger a loud 118 Db Siren at the same time as sending a text message to three telephone numbers and calling up to five, so you can stop the thieves in their tracks with the thick smoke at the same time as getting notified when you are anywhere in the world (provided you have an available telephone).

The duration of the thick fog can be set from 60 seconds (which will supply 620 cubic metres of fog) down to 5 seconds (which will supply approximately 50 cubic metres of fog) to suit the size of building it is protecting.

The FOGG OFF Security System is powered by plugging it into a standard 13amp wall socket and is supplied with a built in battery pack, it is operated by remote control as standard but can be triggered and disarmed by any other standard security switch.

The GSM Auto-Dialer is powered by a transformer that plugs into a standard 13-amp wall socket, the wired siren is powered directly from the FOGG OFF System.

Kit Includes:
1 x FOGG OFF System.
2 x Smoke Bags.
1 x Remote Control.
1 x Wireless Magnetic Door & Window Contact.
1 x Quality Wired Pet Tolerant PIR (passive infrared detector).
1 x 3-pin Plug.
1 x GSM Auto-Dialer.
1 x External Wired 118 Db Siren (supplied as standard with 3 metres of cable, this can be increased upon request).

The unscented, non marking, non irritant smoke is made from a water based solution and is totally safe to people and property and leaves no oily residue.

Ideal for protecting all types of property including:
Factory Stock & Computers.
Quad Bikes, Motor Cycles, Classic Cars, Lawn Mowers, Tractors.
Equestrian, Golf, Fishing & Hobby Equipment.

FOGG OFF Security System Specification:
Size: 290 (w) x 200 (d) x 450 (h) mm.
Weight: 15KG.
Power Supply: 240v AC (max 1000 watt).
Duration of Smoke: 5, 15, 30, 45 & 60 Seconds.
Output Power Supplies in standby: 12v DC.
Wired Input Trigger Terminal: NO or NC.
Input Switch Terminal: NO.
Output Supply during activation: 12v DC (for duration of smoke).
Output Relay: NO or NC (for duration of smoke).
Wireless PIR's: YES (available as accessory).
Additional Wireless Door Contacts: YES (available as accessory).
Additional Remote Control: YES (available as accessory).

GSM Auto-Dialer Specification.
Size, not including aerial: 180 (w) x 120 (h) x 30 (d) mm.
Power Supply: 12v DC (max 2amps).
Delay Entry: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Delay Exit: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Emergency Input Triggers: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Aerial Height: 115 mm.
Weight: 550 grams.
Outgoing Text Messages: 3.
Outgoing Telephone Calls: 5.
Power Failure Operation: Yes (after 30 minutes) optional.
Watchdog Reporting Feature: Yes (optional).
Input Triggers: 8 wired NO or NC.
Two Way Communication: Yes.
Arm & Disarm Method:
Remote Control.
Text Message.

12v DC 60 seconds.
240v AC @ 3amps for 4 minutes or until turned off if before (on activation).
240v AC @ 3amps (remote text trigger).

Brief FOGG OFF Installation Method:
1 x Fit the Liquid bag into the top compartment of the machine.
1 x Mount FOGG OFF Machine (in a suitable location).
1 x Mount the Wireless Magnetic Contact onto a door or window.
1 x Mount the Pet Tolerant PIR in a suitable corner location (connect it to the 'FOGG OFF' machine via a 4-core alarm cable.
1 x Fit a SIM Card into the GSM Dialer (with a good signal at the location).
1 x Connect the GSM Dialer to the FOGG OFF Machine with the supplied alarm cable.
1 x Plug the GSM Dialer into a wall socket.
1 x Program the GSM Dialer.
1 x Mount the Siren and connect it to the FOGG OFF System with the alarm cable supplied.
1 x Turn on the 240v Power Supply (the small light on the bottom R/H corner should glow red).
1 x Leave the system to warm up for 15 minutes.
1 x Press the arm button on the remote control, (the small light on the bottom R/H corner should change from red to green).
1 x Activate the smoke by either pressing the panic button on the remote control or activating the magnetic contact or PIR, turn the smoke off using the remote control.

GSM Auto-Dialer Brief Descriptions:

8 x Wired Trigger Inputs: You will use one of these inputs to connect the GSM Dialer to the FOGG OFF System.

Delay Entry & Exit:Although you can select 0 - 90 seconds delay time between the GSM Auto-Dialer being triggered to it sending out the messages and telephone calls, the thick fog will activate immediately so the delay is normally set to zero in this application.

Power Failure:When selected during programming, this system will send a text message to the first user when their has been a power failure for 30 minutes and another one when the power is restored (this only works when the GSM Auto-Dialer is turned on and armed).

Watchdog Reporting Feature:Not very usefull in this application, normally turned OFF.

Two Way Communication:You can use the GSM Auto-Dialer as a telephone if you call it and you can listen into the location when it calls you after activation.

Arm & Disarm Method: The GSM Auto-Dialer needs to be turned on and armed for all input triggers with the exception of SOS & 24hour zones, this makes the unit very versatile. The system can be armed by:
1 x Built in Keypad.
2 x Remote Control.
3 x Text Message.
4 x Set Time (in programming).

SIM CARD: You can use either pay as you go sim cards or contract sim cards with this system (not included), we recommend you use a network card that has a good signal at the location you intend to use it.

Programming Method:Easy to use built in keypad.

Power Supply 12v DC up to 2amps:This GSM Auto-Dialer works from 12v DC and can draw up to 2 amps if all the outputs are being used when the Alarm is dialing out, a lot of applications will not use all (or any) of the available outputs therefore will not draw anywhere near as much current.

A very versatile GSM reporting Device that can cover a multitude of applications.

Contact us for friendly, no obligation advice.

Additional Accessories Available:
External Wired Siren.
GSM Auto-Dialers.
Additional Remote Controls.
Additional Magnetic Contacts.
Additional Pet Tolerant PIR's (wired).
Wireless PIR's (not Pet Tolerant).
Digital Keypad (for disarming without remote control).
Push Button (for disarming without remote control).
Flashing Strobe Light.
Any many more (the list is endless)


Q: What size of building can the FOGG OFF security system be used in?
A: The system will supply 310 cubic metres in 30 seconds & 620 cubic metres in the maximum length activation of 60 seconds.

Q: How long does the system spray the smoke for when activated ?
A: You can set the system to spray for 5, 15, 30, 45 & 60 seconds to suit the size of the building you are protecting.

Q: Can the smoke be turned off before the set time has elasped ?
A: Yes, you can stop the FOGG OFF system with either Remote Controls (supplied as standard) or by digital keypads or switch (if purchased as additions).

Q: How dense is the smoke when you are in it ?
A: You cannot see beyond a few centimetres.

Q: Is the smoke safe to poeple and animals ?
A: Yes, this liquid based solution is fully safe, non scented, non marking & non toxic.

Q: Does the smoke mark or damage property ?
A: It leaves non marks or no oily residue.

Q: How long will a liquid bag last ?
A: A full bag will operate for about 5 minutes, so 5 full 60 second activations, 10 x 30 second activations ect.

Q: Are replacement liquid bags expensive ?
A: A replacement bag only costs £11.95 each.

Q: Is the system easy to install ?
A: Yes, the system is plug and play, it would take an average person 1 - 2 hours to install a standard system and a bit longer for the deluxe model as you have program the GSM Dialer up.

Q: I want to buy a system including a GSM Auto-Dialer & Siren, can we purchase the complete system from you ?
A: Yes, you can purchase the SMOGG OFF DELUXE module which includes a GSM Auto-Dialer & External Siren.

Q: We want to connect our existing Security System to the basic FOGG OFF system, can we do this ?
A: Yes, the system has a 12v output, NO/NC input, NO stop circuit and relay output which enables you to use most security systems in conjunction with the FOGG OFF Security System.

Q: What warranty does the FOGG OFF system have ?
A: The system has a full 12 months back to base warranty.

Q: How do you deliver the FOGG OFF system ?
A: We send the FOGG OFF Security System out by courier.

Q: Can we purchase the system with Pet Tollerant PIR's because we do sometimes have birds & mice in the building ?
A: Yes, we supply a quality PET TOLERANT PIR in all kits and you can purchase additional units from us.

Q: Can we purchase additional remote controls ?
A: Yes, you can purchase as many additional remote controls as you wish.

Q: Can we purchase additional wireless PIR's & Door Contacts with the system ?
A: Yes, we can offer additional wireless PIR's & Door Contacts (although we would recommend using the wired PET TOLERANT for applications that may have Birds, Mice or Rats etc.

Q: What if we get a false alarm ?
A: We have supplied the system as standard with magnetic door contacts which are not prone to false alarms and also a quality 'PET Tollerant' PIR which will avoid birds, mice or rats activating the system, but in the unlikely event the worse that will happen is the building will be filled with smoke for 60 seconds and you will have to open all the doors to let it clear.

Find this model advertised for the UK at any reputable internet dealer for less... and we will beat that price!

Price: 1090.00

Product Code: US310
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