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Flatfish Keyring and Ultra Violet Torch

Flatfish Keyring and Ultra Violet Torch

Product Information

Flatfish Keyring UV Torc


  • Keyring Ultraviolet Light suitable for Counterfeit Detection.
  • Assists identification of British and foreign banknotes, credit cards, security printing stamps, official documents and other luminescers
  • Life time LED bulb
  • 12 Month guarantee
  • Batteries Supplied & Fitted (The unit operates by 2 x CR2016 (3v) batteries).
  • Click on guidance images for notes on Forgery detection. Click on the Flatfish Light image to return to the normal page.
  • Councils, NHS, government bodies and charitable organisations should contact us to discuss flexible payment terms.

    Chaperone® Flatfish UV Keyring Torch Description

    The Chaperone® Flatfish UV Keyring Torch is perfect for the counterfeit detection of forged banknotes, credit cards and important documents. The light is battery powered for ease of use and is fitted to a keyring for total mobility. The LED bulb will last a lifetime and the UV light as a whole comes with a 12 month guarantee.

    Detection :
    This note detector is designed to offer users a simple, quick and easy way to check for counterfeit and forged documents banknotes and credit cards. A quick scan of any note will illuminate the denomination of the note in UV reflection. A forged note will not!

    £5 Note  : Look on the front of the note in the bottom left corner you will see the figure 5 illuminated.
    £10 Note: Look on the front bottom left of the note and you will see the figure 10 illuminated.
    £20 Note: Look on the front in the middle at the top of the note where the figure 20 will appear.
    £50 Note: There should be no reflection anywhere

    Approx. Dimensions: 35mm Diameter (Excluding Keyring).

    UV Light can be dangerous. Do not expose the skin or eyes under the light source. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Batteries :
    The unit operates by 2 x CR2016 (3v) batteries already fitted.


    Forged Note Detectors are only a front line aid to he prevention of forged and counterfeit banknotes, documents, credit cards and cheques being passed as genuine.

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    Price: 5.35

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