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Driver Sleep Alarm

Driver Sleep Alarm

Product Information
Product Information

Buy this clever little device with any other product and your postage will be refunded!!

The amazing driver alert sleep alarm.
Thousands of accidents resulting in hundreds of deaths are caused on our roads by drivers dozing off. This clever little device prevents that by alerting the driver when he/she begins to doze.

Simply switch it on, place it behind the right ear and leave it there for the rest of the journey. If your head nods forward 20 degrees the driver alert sleep alarm will set off a gentle alarm to wake you up. If that happens then you know it is time to get off the road for a strong coffee or get your head down.

Remember falling asleep at the wheel kills. The driver alert sleep alarm helps prevent that at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. Every driver should have a driver alert sleep alarm in the car as a precaution for those long journeys where there is a greater danger of dozing off at the wheel. According to the insurance company Zurich over 400 people a year are killed on our roads due to drivers dozing off. This is apart from the many thousands of injuries which does not result in death. Drivers falling asleep are one of the biggest causes of accidents on our roads.

Invest in a driver alert sleep alarm now.

ISafe Anti - Doze Detector - Features
ISafe Anti Doze Detector works by detecting when the users head nods while driving which indicates that they may be feeling drowsy.

1) Press the On/Off button to the On position.
2) Test the unit by tilting it forward and backward.
3) Place the unit and adjust comfortably behind the right ear. Anti-Doze Detector must be fitted correctly to work effectively. Head should not nod more than 15 - 20 degrees before it beeps.
4) Press the On/Off button again to turn off the unit. Remove the device when not in use.

Please note:
This product is designed to help the driver stay awake whilst driving and avoid momentary lapses of concentration caused by fatigue. If the driver is feeling tired, he/she should carefully stop at a safe place and rest until they feel adequately alert to drive safely. The driver should not rely solely on this device to keep them awake while driving.


Two million exhausted drivers a year falling asleep at the wheel By RAY MASSEY Last updated at 23:20 12 September 2007 More than two million drivers are accidents waiting to happen because they fall asleep behind the wheel, a report reveals today.

 The danger is fuelled by too many motorists relying on safety myths to stave off tiredness - such as opening the window for a blast of cool air or cranking up the volume on the radio. Advice from the Department for Transport is to take a break every two hours on long journeys and pull over for a nap if tiredness grows. 

Scroll down for more Uneasy rider:

 Police could use fatigue testing devices to catch tired drivers But today's survey from road safety charity Brake, conducted with the breakdown firm Green Flag, reveals a 'deadly ignorance' about safe strategies to stay alert. In all 2.3million motorists - 7 per cent of the country's drivers - admit they fell asleep while driving in the last 12 months. And 133,000 say it happened ten times or more.

The figures, which have already led to calls for a clampdown on those who ignore official advice on tiredness, come as police are looking to develop hand-held devices to test for driving impairment through fatigue, old age or drugs.

A fifth of motorway crashes, which most commonly happen between midnight and 6am or 2pm and 4pm, are because of fatigue. Tiredness is estimated to be responsible for more than 300 deaths on the roads a year.

The survey of 1,000 drivers found that 78 per cent try futile methods to combat the problem rather than stop for a nap. Just 21 per cent said they would stop for a snooze but 68 per cent would open a window and 50 per cent listen to the radio, CD or tape.

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