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Mace Personal Defence Spray

Mace Personal Defence Spray

Product Information

Mace Personal Attack Defence Spray


  • This is the most powerful spray we are permitted to sell in the UK
  • Tested and Approved by The Guild of Security UK (5 stars Approved Product) see below.
  • Bright red and UV dye to help identify the attacker.
  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • Holster available - See Accessories below

    UV Personal Attack Defence Spray made by MACE® Description

    This personal protection product will deter, mark and identify an attacker without injury. It also has the potential benefit of deterring a threatening group who may be confrontational but afraid of identification. Remember, they will NOT know what is in the cannister you are pointing at them.

    These sprays are manufactured by MACE Security International Inc, makers of MACE brand self defence sprays.

    UK Legal Defence Spray.

    Tested and Approved by The Guild of Security UK (5 stars Approved Product - Review available on request)

    The most powerful defence spray we are allowed to sell in the UK and made by the world famous Mace Company.

    Thick slimy goo that sticks to an attacker's face giving you time to react and escape.

    The MACE® UV Defence Spray emits a Bright red and UV dye to help identify the attacker even days later. It is very difficult to remove without running water.

    Help CCTV operators to track a suspects movements. It is no longer your word against theirs, the MACE® UV Defence Spray places the offender at the scene.

    Easy one handed operation with integral spring loaded safety feature makes the MACE® UV Defence Spray the fastest to deploy spray in the UK.

    Accurate ballistic stream over 3 metres for approx 6 seconds or 6 one second bursts. Our MACE® UV Defence Spray has a maximum range of 4.5 metres.

    Is this legal? Yes, the Mace UV Defence Spray is legal in the UK. Section 5(1) (b) of the Firearms Act 1968 prohibits any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing. Because the Mace Defence Spray doesn’t contain any substances a court in this country may consider noxious and the can itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance, it is not prohibited by section 5(1) (b) and does not come under the control of the firearms legislation.

    On how many perpetrators can I use Spray?
    It is possible to use the Mace UV Defence Spray on more than one person. However we advise that it be used on one person only (if possible) for the full effect and maximum time to escape and seek safety. Stop spraying when you are sure that the whole face is covered in goo, then get away as fast as you can to a place of safety and call the Police.

    Can I use this Defence Spray several times?
    In theory yes, but we do not advise it. This Defence Spray can contains fluid which you cannot measure from the outside. So when you think that the spray is half full it may not be enough. Do not play with your life.

    Is the Mace UV Defence Spray hazardous for my health?
    No, all the ingredients used in the Defence Spray come from the food and cosmetics industries and are non toxic. The ingredients are tested extensively by these producers. They are not harmful for the eyes and skin. When swallowed it is wise to go for first aid as a precaution. Small amounts will cause no harm

    Does the Mace UV Defence Spray really give me a chance?
    Yes, the sticky, slimy goo gets in an attackers eyes. When a person gets something in their eyes they will automatically close their eyes and attempt to wipe it away with their hands until they are sure that all the goo is gone. Compare it with a shampoo, it doesn’t hurt but you will close your eyes until you’ve rinsed it out with water. This short amount of time is long enough to get away and call for help. Also, carryingthe Defence Spray with you will help keep you alert to your surroundings and prepared for an attack giving you an improved chance of getting away.

    Once sprayed, can the Police find the attacker more easily?
    Yes, normally a potential attacker doesn’t look like a movie villain with scars and dark clothes they look like ordinary people. However after being sprayed with Mace UV Defence Spray, they will have a bright red face, neck and hands & hair. This will draw attention to themselves and will make it easier for the Police to identify and apprehend them. Another benefit is that once sprayed, attackers inadvertently leave bright red fingerprints behind that will help identification and prosecution and don't forget, it also contains an invisible UV trace on them too!

    Can I take the Defence Spray everywhere I go?
    Yes, but consider that there might be house rules that say that Defence Sprays like this should be left at the entrance. For instance at clubs, nightclubs, football matches or even cinemas and airports, you must respect these rules.

    Take care of your Mace UV Defence Spray, it might save your life.

    When may I use it?
    When you are in direct danger of physical harm and there is no other way to get out of danger. This must be in accordance with local laws.

    Can I spray somebody just for fun?
    No, if the person you have sprayed files a report with the Police you could be punished. Only use this Defence Spray as it is designed, for use in self-defence.

    Does it destroy clothing?
    No, it washes out of most clothing eventually.
    It is not tested on all fabrics so be careful.

    Can I use the spray over a great distance?
    You can spray somebody accurately over 3 meters (nearly 10 feet).

    Warning : This product is only for use in self-defence and should be used solely as a last resort and at all times in accordance with the law. Improper use and/or possession of this product may result in civil and/or criminal liability for the user. Crime Prevention Products accept no liability for improper use or possession of this product.

    Ideal for students, lone travellers, shop workers, health care professionals, security guards, CSO's Neighbourhood Wardens, in fact ANYONE with an interest in personal safety.

    Non Toxic - Non Flammable - Safe

    The MACE® UV 'pocket sized' canister.

    Approx. Dimensions : 10cm tall 3.5cm diameter.

    IN STOCK-Protect yourself NOW with the MACE® UVDefence Spray.

    The Guild of Security UK Ltd have Approved this Product (see Report below)

    Feel free to telephone us with any questions or concerns you might have. You can order online or by telephone.

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