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Alarm & External Perimiter Beam System

Alarm & External Perimiter Beam System

Product Information
This GSM Alarm & External Perimeter Beam System comes supplied with a 50 watt Monocrystal Solar Panel, Charger Regulator, Adjustable Mounting Bracket, 20 A/H Sealed Battery & TB5 GSM Alarm System.

Kit Includes:
1 x TB5-20 GSM Alarm System.
1 x 50 watt Monocrystal Solar Panel.
3 x metres of 2-Core Cable.
1 x Charger Regulator.
1 x 12v 20A/H Sealed Gel Battery.
1 x Adjustable Mounting Bracket (in windy applications we would recommend an additional mounting bracket or further strengthening structures).

GSM TB5-20 Wireless Alarm System:
Solar charged wireless twin security beams with an impressive detecting range of 20 metres and an even more impressive wireless transmission range back to the GSM text receiver of 700 metres, and this can be doubled up to 1400 metres by using the solar charger repeater system!! Most usefull to our customers who require a detection range up to 20 metres.

The battery powered active security beams are kept charged up by the built-in solar panels and they will work for 30 days without any daylight!. Where beams have to be installed in shady locations the concern of restricted daylight can be greatly reduced by using the additional solar panel (which comes complete with a 5 metre long cable).

When the beams are activated they will transmit a wireless radio signal back to the receiver which can be up to 700 metres (1400 metres using a repeater) away, the GSM receiver will then send a text message out to between 1 - 3 telephone numbers reporting the activation, and if required activate an optional 110 Db siren.

Our GSM 8 - Channel Receiver works by using a mobile phone sim card for remote locations that have no easy access to a working telephone line, it will send out a text message to up to 3 x pre-programmed numbers in the event of an activation from up to 8 x TB security or smoke detectors

The receiver will send text messages to up to 3 telephone numbers upon activation, setting & unsetting (if required) or a mains power failure.

This GSM receiver can also call up to 3 telephone numbers when activated which allows the person receiving the telephone call to listen into the exact location of the receiver.
It can be used as a silent alarm or together with a 105 Db siren which is simply plugged into the receiver, it can also send a text message upon setting and un-setting if required or can be programmed to automatically turn on & off at set times or by sending it a text message or using the built in keypad. It has the option for 'Home & Away' arming to allow for different requirements.

Very simple to program and use by using the built in keypad or by sending the system a series of text messages.

Supplied without a sim card as we recommend our customers use a network that has a good mobile phone reception at the location that is to be monitored.

It will work with up to 8 x TB security detectors or smoke detectors and 24 remote controls for easy operation.

To install the beams you have to attach them facing each other onto secure & stable wall or posts within 20 metres of each other. They will need lining up using a view finder (supplied) by simply using a screwdriver to move the sensors vertically & horizontally.

The simple method of setting the system up from new is as follows:
1) Insert Valid Sim Card.
2) Mount or Desk Mount System.
3) Plus in the supplied transformer into a standard UK 13amp wall socket.
4) Turn the On/Off switch on.
5) Program the system using the built in keypad or by sending it a series of text messages (keypad is easiest).
6) Press the learn button on the rear of the receiver until a beep is heard.
7) Activate a chosen detector.
8) Repeat operation 6 & 7 for each detector.
9) Test by setting the alarm and activating.

TB5 GSM Receiver Specification:
Size: 160 (W) x 110 (L) x 35 (D) mm.
No of Telephone Numbers That Can Be Programmed: Max 3.
Power Supply: Std UK 3 Pin Plug In Power Transformer.
Back Up Battery: PP3.
Exit Time: 30 seconds.
Entry Time: Instant.
Text Message For Alarm: Yes.
Siren Activation: Yes or No.
Built In Siren: No (plug in).
Text Message For Setting: Yes (optional).
Text Message For Un-Setting: Yes (optional).
Automatic Setting or Un-Setting: Yes (optional).
Setting By Sending A Text Message: Yes (optional).
Text Message For Power Failure: Yes.
Text Message For Power Going Back On: Yes.
Text Message Interigation: Yes.

TB-20 Beam Specification:
Size of beams: 180 (L) x 75 (W) x 85 (D) mm.
Colour of beams: Black.
Mounting method of beams: Wall or Pole.
Charging method: Built-in solar panel (optional additional solar panels available).
Size of built-in solar panel: 45 x 40 mm.
Size of optional extra solar panel: 80 x 45 mm.
Sensitivity Setting: High or Low (using jumper supplied)
Frequency: 433 Mhz.
Wireless Range: 700 metres (line of sight) 1400 metres (line of sight) using repeater.
Detection Range: 20 metres max.
Alarm Warranty: 1 Year.

Please note, this GSM Alarm System can be upgraded upon request to suit many different different applications.

Solar panel Specification:
Size: 925 x 420 x 35 mm.
Weight:5 kilo.
Maintenance Free.
Waterproof/rust/shock/UV-resistant frame.
3 metres 2-Core Cable Included.
Built-in discharge protection (blocking diodes).
Maximum power 50Wp.
Nominal current: 2.88A & 17.6V in full sun.
Suitable for all DC 12V applicants.
Output power(peak):50W.
Working voltage:17.6V.
Working current:2.88A.
Open voltage:21.6V.
Short circuit current:3.08 A.
Solar controller: 12V,5A.
Recharging battery: 12V,40Ah.
Warranty: 20 years (excluding Damage, Wiring & Accessories).
Pattern of the front may vary from model to model.

Charger Regulator Details:
Voltage Input: 12v.
Voltage Output: 12v.
Current Input/Output: 5 amps.
Power Input/Output: 60 watts.
Size: 110 x 70 x 27 mm.
Weight: 120 grams.

Battery Specifications:
Size: 175 (L) x 70 (W) x 170 (H) mm.
Weight: 6 KG.
Terminal Connection: Srew Thread Bolts.
Voltage: 12v DC.
Rating: 20A/H / 20HR.

Bracket Details:
Base Size: 100 x 100 mm.
Base Hole Size: 6.5 mm (can be opened up).
Height: 240 mm.
Width: 360 mm.
Depth: 800 mm.
Weight: 800 grams.
Colour: Black.
Material: Steel.
Connection to Solar Panel: Pre-Drilled Holes.

Can be used with Security Systems, Portable TV, Radio, 12v Lighting, Car Battery Booster.

Find this model advertised for the UK at any reputable internet dealer for less... and we will beat that price!

Price: 699.00

Product Code: US90
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