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Patriot High Frequency Personal Attack

Patriot High Frequency Personal Attack

Product Information

Patriot High Frequency Personal Attack with bright torch Product Information

 The Personal Attack Alarm is a functional unobtrusive similar in looks to a car remote key. It has been designed with women in mind. When activated it sets off a 130 decibell alarm thus making it a very suitable deterrent for women who find themselves in a vunerable situation.

130 Decibell made of tough ABS construction.

 Supplied with a keychain and rip-cord activator.

 Activated by pulling the rip-cord or keychain to pull out the pin. To de-activate, simply replace the pin.

Strong LED torch beam. 3 x LR44 Batteries pre-fitted. Replacements are available at most street electrical retailers.

Approximate dimensions ( Oval Shape ) : 6 cm long x 3.7 cm wide x 2.1 cm

 2 year guarantee.

 The Patriot Personal Attack Safety Alarm produces a high frequency alarm sound and ultra bright LED light.

 It is ideal for almost everyone with concerns for their safety.

The Alarm requires (3) lr44 Batteries which come supplied and fitted to the alarm To replace the batteries, the following simple procedure should be followed:

1) Access the battery compartment by removing the 2 screws on the back of the with a small phillips screwdriver. Gently pull off the back cover from the alarm

 2) Replace

3) LR44 button batteries noting polarity.

4) Re-fit the back cover and tighten screws.

To activate the alarm hold the alarm in one hand and with the other hand pull the keychain or ripcord out of the Alarm. To stop the siren insert the pin back into the body.

To operate the light just press and hold the button located on the lower position of the unit. Warning the high output siren alarm fitted to this quality personal alarm may cause ear damage if usedat close range for a prolonged period of time. Keep away from children and pets.

This alarm is designed to increase your personal safety by being convenient and accessible whenever it is needed. The alarm is intended to shock any attacker. In this respect the balance of power within a situation, which up to this point has been controlled by the attacker, is evened out. You should then take this opportunity to get away from the scene immediately. They alarm may well attract help but do not rely on it. If assistance does come, consider it a bonus. Your first priority is to get as far away as quickly as possible.

The Personal Alarm with Torch is designed to detach from your keyring in the event of an attack leaving you safely with your keys having distracted your attacker. Try not to have all your keys on one ring Price £5.10      

Price: 4.99

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