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4 Camera CCTV Monitoring and Alarm System

4 Camera CCTV Monitoring and Alarm System

Product Information
This 4-Camera CCTV System allows you to monitor the four cameras with the added benifit of setting an alarm at the monitor to any camera location (normally used in locations that customers or staff should not enter).

Ideal to watch a front door, reception area, store room, fire door etc.

The weatherproof cameras are powered from the monitor making installation as easy as possible, simple run the cable supplied between the monitor and cameras and connect.

The black & white monitor can be viewed in quad format or individual camera, it has a built in alarm option for any camera which is very usefull to monitor locations that customers or staff should not enter.

Complete with:
4 x Weatherproof Black & White Cameras.
1 x Monitor.
4 x 20 metre Camera Cables.
1 x UK Power Supply.

You can easily connect an additional monitor to this CCTV System if required.

CCTV Monitor Specification:
Size: 210 (W) x 160 (H) x 210 (D) mm.
Screen Size: 140 (W) x 110 (H).
Internet Connection: No.
Record Time: NO.
Alarm: Yes (any individual camera).
Quad View: Yes.
Individual Camera View: Yes.
Audio: Yes.

CCTV Camera Specification:
Size before bracket: 90 (L) x 60 (Diameter) mm.???
Size of bracket height: 80 (H) mm.?????
Size of bracket base: 70 x 50 mm. ???????
Outdoor Use: Yes.
Night Vision: Yes.
Colour: NO.
Audio: Yes.
Lens: 3.6 mm.
Cable Length: 20 metres.
Power Supply: Monitor.

Find this model advertised for the UK at any reputable internet dealer for less... and we will beat that

Price: 198.90

Product Code: US45
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