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Wireless Driveway Alarm and External Siren ( working range 400 metres )

Wireless Driveway Alarm and External Siren ( working range 400 metres )

Product Information
This stylish Driveway Alarm system has an impressive working range of 400 metres and is suppied with an 100Db external siren.
A perfect solution for short/medium range applications where our customers want the intruder to know they have been detected, the siren will only activate from 5 to 60 seconds (adjustable), long enough to be heard, short enough not to be a nuisance to neigbours.
Simply mount the fully waterproof PIR in the best location for detection, either high up looking down, or 1 metre from the ground looking parallel across the ground, powered by a simple 9v PP3 battery that will last up to one year.
Mount the receiver inside the house on a wall or desk, mount the weatherproof siren inside or outside and connect it to the receiver via the 3 metres of cable supplied, plug two transformers into a standard 13-amp wall sockets.
The perfect solution for small/medium size houses & businesses to be alerted inside to the presence of a visitor whilst at the same time the visitor being aware that they have been detected. The system can be used with just the chime system working for times that a siren is not required, our customers often choose to put the siren on at night or when they are away from home.
The detection range of the PIR can be up to 14 metres depending on the settings.

Additional transmitters and receivers are available to suit all applications, some customers have three or four detectors and one receiver, some have one detector and two receivers, we can suit all applications.

Its unique mounting system allows sensor to be located behind post or tree for hidden applications.
Exclusive sensor eye allows invisible beam to be adjusted to a very narrow pattern for driveway and perimeter applications.

Wireless Driveway RCTD 400 Alarm System is packed with features...

  • 400m Range (line of sight)
  • Volume Control & On/Off Switch
  • 3 x Chime Channels & 1 x Security Latched Channel
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Fully Adjustable, Weatherproof Sensors
  • Timed Relay Accessory Output
  • Fan and Long Range Detection Pattern
  • 100 Db weatherproof siren and transformer
  • Sensor may be hidden behind tree with unique mount

    • Automatic Doorbell
    • Driveway/Entry Alert
    • Perimeter awareness
    • CCTV Trigger
    • Retail Door Monitor
    • Warehouse Delivery
    • Construction Site 
    • Shoplifting Control 
    • Pool Guard
    • Drive-up Windows
    • Display Cases
    • Emergency Exits
    • Home Automation (automatic driveway / porch lights ) 
    • Patient monitor
    • Temporary Spot Protection

    Size: 130mm (H) x 90mm (W) x 30mm (D)
    Wall or Desk Top Mount
    Power: 9v DC Transformer (supplied)
    Relay Output: Form 'C', max 1A x 50vAC, 24v DC
    Output Timer: Selectable 1/5/30/60 seconds
    Status Indicator: Power Indicator: Green, Zone 3 x Red
    Operating Temperature: -10 C - +40 C

    110mm (D) x 110mm (L) x 89mm (W)
    Power Supply = 9v PP3 Battery
    Designed to be mounted above a door looking down, or side mounted looking across.
    Beam Pattern: Adjustable, wide or narrow.
    Beam Length: 14m (L) max, 4m (W) max.
    Typical Battery Life: 6 - 12 months.
    Detection Method: Passive Infrared.

    Find this model advertised for the UK at any reputable internet dealer for less... and we will beat that price!

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