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Small Siren Alarm Padlock

Small Siren Alarm Padlock

Product Information

Small Siren Alarm Padlock Standard Shackle

 Product Information110 Decibel alarm

Batteries included

 Smaller Alarm Siren Padlock with a narrower span shackle to fit shed clasps that are too small for our normal range

80mm x 42mm x 26mm Hot processed hardened steel ( anti cut and saw ).

This alarmed padlock is a hardened steel padlock which has an in-built alarm that will omit a siren of 110 decibels if touched or tampered with in any way thus alerting you to unwanted attention.

 The Siren / Alarm Padlock is a new concept in padlock systems which will deter any attempted theft or break in whilst alerting you if in close proximity.

A great product that spins an edge on the old padlock systems which can be used for a multitude of equipment including Sheds and outbuildings, gates, garages and lock-ups, motorbikes, bicycles, trailers, caravans, garden machinery, lawnmowers, toolboxes, gas cylinders, diesel tanks etc.

 L333 Small Alarm / Siren Padlock Description.

1) This alarm padlock is widely used for home, door, window, case, box. Combined with cable or chain, it can also be used for a computer, vehicle etc.

2) First you open the lock and pull out the lock shackle and turn it towards the speaker side within 30 degrees and then press down on the lock pole, when you hear the sound DU, that means the lock comes into the alarm situation, press again and you dont hear the sound DU, that means he lock becomes un-alarmed. You can operate it like this in a circular fashion, then return the key to the lock hole and lock the padlock.

3) When the lock comes into the alarm situation, after 15 seconds, the lock is vibrated again it will give off an alarm and will keep sending an alarm with each disturbance or vibration. Each alarm will last ten seconds.

4) When you hear the sound Ge. Ge. Ge; constantly, that means the battery will be worn out and needs to be replaced. To change the battery remove the screw in the lock hole, then use a stick to prise off the upward part of the lock cover. You can then replace the battery. Please pay attention to the anode and cathode.



Price: 12.99

Product Code: L-333
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