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Solar Backup Wireless Strobe Siren & Pet Tollerant External PIR Kit (005-1550)

Solar Backup Wireless Strobe Siren & Pet Tollerant External PIR Kit (005-1550)

Product Information

Solar Backup Wireless Strobe Siren & Pet Tollerant External PIR Kit (005-1550)

This Wireless Outdoor PIR & Siren System is designed to help protect yards, driveways, gardens and all types of other external locations & remote buildings and is supplied with 2 x Power Transformers for locations that have a power supply near to either the PIR & Siren.

Both the Wireless PIR & Siren are powered by re-chargeable batteries with the transformers acting as a simple trickle charger, this means they will work perfectly throughout a powercut.

The PIR is PET Tollerant and fully adjustable and can be adjusted to only pick up animals weighing more than 25 kilos.

Kit Includes:
1 x Solar Siren & Lithium Battery.
1 x Wireless PIR & 5 x AA Rechargeable Batteries.
2 x Transformers (including 5 metres of cable on each).
1 x Remote Control.

The Solar Backup Siren acts as the control panel which you can use up to 15 Detectors or Remote Controls ranging from additional external Pet Tollerant PIR's, Wireless Door Contacts, Internal Pet Tollerant PIR's, Roller Shutter Door Contact & Smoke Detectors, all transmit using the 868 Mhz frequency over an impressive 100 metres distance.

The Siren gives a short & sensible 40 Db sound to inform the owner when they have armed or disarmed the system and a loud 100 Db Siren when activated.

A typical installation would be protecting a farm building, the Siren high up and well out of reach on a south facing wall of the building, an External PIR on the outside of the building, a Roller Shutter Door Contact on the door with perhaps an additonal internal PIR inside the building. A simple press of a button on one of the remote controls from up to 100 metres away would arm & disarm the system. The power transformers for both or either the Siren & PIR would be plugged into a standard 13-amp wall socket.

Siren Specification:
Siren: 100 Db.
Flashing Strobe: yes (on activation).
Siren Duration: 3 minutes (but is immediately ready to activate again).
Chime Function: 40 Db (when arming & disarming).
Power Supply: 12v DC 500mA Transformer.
Backup Power: 6v - 440 M/A Lithium Battery.
Size: 300 (H) x 190 (W) x 65 (D) mm.
Colour: White & Orange.
Mounting Method: Wall Plate (4 holes).
Wall Tamper Switch: Yes.
Frequency: 868 Mhz.
Wireless Distance: 100 metres (line of sight).
Maximum number of Detectors & Remote Controls: 15.

External PIR Specifications:
Size; 200 (H) x 110 (W) x 180 (deep including bracket) mm.
2 Dual Built in PIR's.
Microwave Technology: Yes.
Front Lens Choices: 4 (supplied).
Waterproof: Yes (IP65).
Built in Anti EMI>30v/m (30mhz-1ghz).
Built in Anti White Light: >15000 lux.
Working Voltage: 6v DC.
Adjustable Bracket: Yes (up & down/ side to side).
Installation Height: 2 - 4 metres.
Frequency: 868 Mhz.
Detection Range: up to 20 metres distance & 110 degrees angle (depending on chosen settings).
Transmission Distance: 100 metres (line of sight).
Pet Immunity: under 25kgs.
Power Supply: 5 x AA Rechargeable Batteries (supplied).
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 Celcious.
Colour: White.
Battery Life: 6 - 12 months (depending on usage).
Option for external power supply: Yes (12v DC).
External Outputs: N/O (when used with battery) or N/C (when used with power supply).
Tamper Switch: Yes (internal switch & optional cable connection).

Remote Control Specification:
Size: 70 (L) x 35 (W) x 12 (D) mm.
Arm Control: Yes.
Disarm Control: Yes.
Panic Button Control: Yes.
Working Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
Battery: 2 x 3v Lithium Coin Cells (CR2032).
Frequency: 868 Mhz.
Battery Life: 1 - 3 years.

Power Transformers:
Input: 240v AC.
Output: 12v DC.
Plug Type: UK 3 Pin.

Installation Details:
1) Remove the front Siren Cover.
2) Plug in the Battery & Solar Panel Lead inside the Siren.
3) Refit the front Siren Cover.
4) Mount the Siren backing plate onto an external wall (South Facing if possible).
5) Plug the 2 power transformers into a standard 13-amp wall socket, take the leads to the location of the Siren & PIR (extend with a standard 2-core cable if needed.
6) Slide the Siren onto the Siren wall bracket.
7) Fit the batteries into the back section of the PIR.
8) Connect the power supply to the PIR cable.
9) Fit the PIR onto the chosen wall or post.
10) Arm the Siren using the Remote Control.
11) Let the PIR settle and walk past it to activate the siren (have the remote control to hand for easily and quickly turning it off.
12) You can ajust the sensitivity of both of the internal beams on the PIR to suit your application (you can also change the front lens for additional variations).

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